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Our staff at The Urban Developer love a good podcast.

From technology, startups and business to music, social impact and wellness, the power of a podcast is something we take seriously here at TUDHQ.

To celebrate our first release of speakers for this year’s Urbanity conference, we asked some of them to help us curate a list of the best podcasts on the future of cities.

For a list of our first release of speakers, check out this article.

There’s a diverse selection of local and global productions, so we hope that you enjoy the fascinating array of aural goodness!



Produced by American media outfit Slate, Placemakers is a series that delivers 30-minute episodes on individual projects, people or cities.

The episodes take on classic urbanist topics such as reforming the suburbs and designing walkable places, but often with a thought-provoking twist.

You can listen to Placemakers by clicking here.


The Secret Lives of Cities

Produced by The Guardian, this classic podcast explores the evolving force of urbanisation through the lens of future cities.

This single episode provokes thinking about the role science and technology play in the cities of tomorrow and explores how design affects the behaviour of those that exist within them.

You can listen to The Secret Lives of Cities by clicking here.


Talking Cities

Hosted by AECOM’s director of cities James Rosenwax, Talking Cities accesses the leaders creating, shaping and improving the cities we call home.

Through candid conversation, the podcast unpacks what makes them tick and how they are improving our economic, cultural and social epicentres.

You can listen to Talking Cities by clicking here.




Hosted by The Urban Developer founder Adam Di Marco, CityShapers is our very own podcast dedicated to uncovering the stories behind the people that shape the world around us.

Into its second season, CityShapers talks to developers, entrepreneurs and innovators from across the urban development sector.
You can listen to CityShapers by clicking here.


Interested in the future of construction? Each week Builtcast explores the people and stories behind growth, technology and change in the global construction industry.

From construction futurists to new off-site techniques and big data, Builtcast is essential listening for anyone in the building game.
You can listen to Builtcast by clicking here.

The Urbanist

Monocle's urban affairs podcast The Urbanist brings together city authorities, urban planners and architects to explore the art of making better cities.

A nominee in the Smartest Podcast category of the 2019 British Podcast awards, the series tackles a diverse range of subjects such as state-of-the-art subways and compact apartments.

You can listen to The Urbanist by clicking here.

The Property Couch

For anyone interested in investing in property, The Property Couch is essential listening.

Hosted by buyers agents Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley, the show covers market trends, investing and tax strategies, individual success stories and more.

You can listen to The Property Couch by clicking here.



The a16z podcast is the audio channel of legendary Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

Founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz (known as "a16z"), the company has backed a who's who of technology success stories, including Facebook, Airbnb and Instagram.

a16z features industry experts, business leaders and others as they discuss technology, cultural trends, big news and the future.

You can listen to the a16z podcast by clicking here.


Property Developer podcast

Property Developer podcast is a show dedicated to inspiring property developers to bigger and better things.

Hosted by Justin Gehde, the series provides interviews with a range of property developers from across Australia and the globe.

You can listen to Property Developer podcast by clicking here.


Over two days in October, Urbanity will bring together the leading creators of cities in the Asia Pacific to learn, connect and be inspired.

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