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Over two days, Urbanity will bring together industry leaders, visionaries and disrupters from across the Asia-Pacific to deliver inspired learning and connection.

This year we will explore the theme of:





The program will also explore a series of emerging themes including:


Visionary Projects

Dive deep into some of the Asia-Pacific region’s most interesting and inspiring development projects through conversations with the developers, creators and contributors.

Explore the contrast between the original and final vision, learn how challenges and obstacles were overcome and understand the delivery techniques and methodologies that contributed to the final outcome.


Inspired Journeys

What does it take to become a true City Shaper? What sacrifices are required to achieve success? What lessons did you learn and how do they inform what you do now?

How does success truly change your outlook on life and business? How does legacy shape your view of the future? What is the purpose of it all?

The big questions get unpacked as we explore the people behind the projects and share with attendees some of the secrets to their success.


Form, Function and Feasibility

In times of rapid change, how can the balancing point between form and function interconnect with the realities of feasibility?

Through interactive case studies, we explore the nature between the competing forces of change in the context of property, design, innovation and technology.


Circular Development

Across the world, attitudes towards consumerism are slowly changing. What role does urban development have to play in this shift towards a more renewable and sustainable future?

Through case studies, we explore the nature of circular development – from renewable energy systems and bio-products to deliberative development and biophilia.


Future Fundamentals

Changing demographics, technologies, consumer behaviour and business models are redefining a new normal in the future.

So what does this new future look like? What are the new fundamentals that will drive property markets? Which sectors will be most exposed?

From the revolution of retail to the new forms of mobility, we will explore the way the world will operate in the future.


Built for Connection

Our hyper-connected world is on the cusp of another giant leap forward with the introduction of 5G mobile connectivity, blockchain technology and quantum computing and IOT.

So what does this mean for the way that we create and build the urban environment? How can buildings of the future be designed to both take advantage of these new technologies and be resilient to future changes?

How will people interact with buildings – and each other – in this new hyper-connected world?


Experience Economy

Experience is at the heart of the modern world. From consumer products to retail malls, the urban economy is now driven by the need for humans to interact in meaningful ways – the experience economy.

We meet the pioneers creating the experiences that strike through the mundane and ordinary. We learn the tools, techniques and systems that these pioneers are employing to earn customers that yearn for more.


Wired Living

“Alexa, renew my rental lease. Alexa, order me an Uber. Alexa, buy me a ticket to Urbanity.”

Voice-activated technology is just one of many new technologies that will change the way we interact with the built environment.

We draw upon the leading research and technology pioneers to understand the next frontier of technology and what it means for the way we plan, build, live and work.