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What is Urbanity?

Urbanity is Australia’s premier conference for the property and urban development industry.

Over several days, Urbanity brings together industry leaders from across the Asia Pacific to deliver an inspired program of learning and connection.

Delivered as a hybrid event (physical and virtual), attendees will experience a range of keynotes, panel discussions, case studies and networking.

Urbanity is a must-attend event for anyone that is involved in urban development.


What is the theme for Urbanity?

Urbanity 2021 – A New Urban Future

This year’s Urbanity program draws inspiration from the challenges, change, hope and innovation that has arisen from one of modern history’s most defining moments, Covid-19.

This year, the program will explore eight major themes including:

  • Disruptive Demographics
  • The Future of Work, Life and Play
  • Purposeful and Diverse Precincts
  • Clean, Green and Responsible
  • Infrastructure Innovation
  • Can Culture be Created?
  • Big….BIG….Ideas
  • The Visionaries and Their Projects

For more information about these themes, click here.


When and where is Urbanity being held?

Due to border closures and lockdowns caused by the Delta Covid-19 outbreak, Urbanity has been postponed until March 2022.

The event will be held over three days from Tuesday 01 March 2022 until Thursday 03 March 2022. 

The first day of the conference (Tuesday 01 March 2021) involves a series of off-site events such as site tours, industry roundtables, networking functions and workshops. 

The second and third days of the conference (Wednesday 02 March 2022 and Thursday 03 March 2022) are the actual conference with speakers, networking and more. 

The main conference is being held at the Fortitude Music Hall which is located in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Australia. 

Some elements of the program, such as site tours, networking functions and invite-only events may be located off-site.


Who is Urbanity targeted at?

Urbanity is targeted at professionals and organisations that operate within the property and urban development industry. 

With a program that focuses on the future of urban development and cities, the conference appeals to professionals from across all real estate sectors within the Asia Pacific region. 

Furthermore, we believe that the conference mission draws a similar group of like-minded people who share a passion for the best urban outcomes possible. 

Why should I attend Urbanity?
Here’s five key reasons to attend:
  • To learn: To learn about the best…from the best. 
  • To understand: To understand how cities will change into the future.
  • Be inspired: Walk away feeling energised about your role in the future of the built environment.
  • To connect: Meet others that share your passion.
  • For business: Connect with other businesses that operate within your sector or city.


How many people attend Urbanity? 

Historically, Urbanity – along with The Urban Developer Awards for Industry Excellence – has attracted close to 800-1000 attendees each year. 

This year, due to a requirement to maintain Covid-safe protocols, only 350-400 physical (All Access) tickets will be available with an additional allocation for social functions and the Awards Gala function. In short, be quick!


How is Urbanity both physical and virtual? 

This year, Urbanity will be a hybrid event, meaning that you can register either as a physical (All Access) attendee or a virtual attendee.

Head to our registrations page to find out more about our ticketing options.