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So, what is Urbanity?

Urbanity is Australia’s premier conference for the property and urban development industry.

Over two days, Urbanity brings together leaders, visionaries and disrupters from across the Asia Pacific to deliver inspired learning and connection.

Through powerful keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, networking and social functions, Urbanity is a must-attend event for anyone that is involved in the future of cities.


What is the inspiration behind Urbanity?

Since we started The Urban Developer, we have been imagining a day where we could bring together the creators of cities in a way that is truly engaging, informative and inspiring…kinda somewhere between a TEDTalk and SxSW.

We wanted to unite the real city shapers – developers, architects, planners and innovators, just to name a few.

We wanted to hear their stories of success, lessons of life and business, visions for the future and big ideas for change.

We wanted to dive deep into the people, projects and places to hear the real story behind the reputations.

We believed that there is more to our industry than just us. There’s a community of everyday people out there that live, breathe and build upon our creations.

And we believed that we could do a lot more to consider their perspective in the discussion.

And so we dreamed of building something that is lasting and permanent. A fixture in the calendar. A must.

Something you take a client to. Something you beg your boss to attend. Something you aspire to speak at. Something that is meaningful.

And we aspired for it to be enjoyable. Smart, credible and real, yet positive, casual and fun.

And when we realised it didn’t exist, we went ahead and created it ourselves!


So, what can you expect from Urbanity 2019?

Our program will bring together a diverse collection of inspiration and education through keynotes, panel discussions, interactive workshops, case studies and social events.

This year, the program will explore eight major themes including:

  • Visionary projects
  • Inspired journeys
  • Form, function and feasibility
  • Circular development
  • Future fundamentals
  • Built for connection
  • Experience economy
  • Wired living

With limited tickets available, attendees will hear from speakers across property development, architecture, planning, technology, construction, retail  and more.


Who should attend Urbanity 2019?

You! If you like what you get from The Urban Developer, then you will get something out of Urbanity 2019.